‘What became of ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao?’ Mamata makes a request to the BJP in Manipur. ‘Beti rahi hain,’ Says the speaker


West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Friday made a plea for the Indian National Development Inclusive Alliance, or INDIA, as the Opposition front’s 26-party coalition is known. She slammed the BJP for sexual abuse against women in Manipur, asking what had happened to the party’s pledge of “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao” (rescue girls, educate girls). Banerjee also called a sit-in in Delhi on October 2 and stated that the BJP must be deposed since it is “no longer tolerable.”

Referring to the recent panchayat elections, Banerjee said it was a legacy of three decades of Left government, but she remained silent on the Congress, whose senior brass she was seen interacting with warmly at the two-day Opposition meeting in Bengaluru. Though the Congress and the Left have consistently targeted Banerjee and the Trinamool Congress (TMC), there has been a discernible shift since the Bengaluru meeting, and the Bengal Chief Minister’s decision to refrain from attacking the Congress indicates that she is willing to prioritize the fight against the BJP on a national scale.

“I am pleased that we have formed an alliance before the Lok Sabha elections in 2024, INDIA.” I’m not interested in any chair. We want the BJP to be deposed. “The BJP is no longer tolerable,” Mamata told a massive crowd of TMC workers gathered in Kolkata for the party’s biggest event of the year, the Martyrs’ Day Rally on July 21.

In Political Pulse | ‘Most heinous killings in post-independence India,’ says TMC delegation following Manipur visit. In 2024, a new India will be born.” Throw them out. Humko kursi nahi chahiye, hum ko shanti chahiye. We don’t need a chair, but we do need peace ” Banerjee said to the audience. During her speech, the TMC chairwoman began chanting chants such as “Joy India”. “Joy Bangla,” and “India aap aage badho hum sab aap ke saath hain” (India, march forward, we are with you) are some of the phrases used. along with her party workers, and “INDIA jitega, Modi harega (INDIA will win, Modi will lose.)

The TMC head expressed solidarity with the “brothers and sisters of Manipur and the Northeast” in response to the violence in Manipur. Banerjee stated of the footage of two Kuki-Zomi women being displayed naked and sexually harassed, “Kahan gaya Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao?” Where is ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’? Girls are currently on fire). Women’s honor is being taken today. This time, ladies, mothers, and sisters will vote you out. We stand in solidarity with our Manipur and Northeast brothers and sisters. “We sent a delegation to Manipur as well,” Banerjee remarked, adding, “The Centre sends teams to Bengal at the drop of a hat.” But why hasn’t a team been dispatched to Manipur?”

Three weeks after the tragedy in Manipur, some dead remain unclaimed in hospital morgues.

Hospitals are running out of space as the death toll approaches 75; post-mortems have been performed, but no relatives have stepped forward to claim bodies.

Insurgent groups covered by the Suspension of Operations (SoO) agreement with the government of India and the state administration have denied any involvement in the violence, including attacks on civilians and shootouts with Manipur police forces. They did, however, imply that “village volunteers” who defend their villages and land against aggression or attacks “have been impacted.”

The violence creates a hazardous precedent, delaying peace talks and settlement negotiations for decades. While the Kuki National Organisations (KNO), an umbrella body for many of the Kuki rebel groups in this area, have stated their desire to continue peace talks with the Centre, the form and tone of these talks may alter. The involvement of these insurgent organizations in any type of violence, as claimed by the Biren-led Manipur administration, puts the groups on the defensive at the bargaining table.

Since the ethnic violence erupted on May 3, the leaders of these groups are reported to have fled Manipur, and camps designated by the Union government for the cadre of these groups have now emptied out due to fears of ambushes by state forces.

In exchange for a halt to the insurgency, the SoO agreement safeguards rebel groups from action by Indian or state security forces. The Biren Singh government unilaterally withdrew from the accord in March, which did not go down well with the Centre. Singh has often accused the organisations of supporting poppy production and offering shelter and protection to Myanmarese refugees fleeing persecution by the military government in their native country.

According to the organisations, the Manipur government’s ongoing war on the Kuki-Zomi people and Kuki-Zomi insurgency groups is aimed at releasing protected tribal land. According to them, only the armed SoO organizations can stop this design. They argue that this is the pivotal point in the state’s recent strife.

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