Nuh Violence: Gurugram MP Meets PM Modi; Stresses Both Sides Needing Weapons…


nuh violence

Nuh Violence: Six Lives Lost So Far, 116 Arrested. Monu Mansar, not involved in provocation, absent at rally.

Central Minister and Gurugram’s Member of Parliament, Rao Indrajit Singh, met with Prime Minister Modi on Wednesday, due to unprecedented tension following communal clashes on July 31st in Haryana. The tension had spread across various areas, including Gurugram. In the two-day violence from Nuh to Gurugram, six people – two Home Guards and four civilians – have lost their lives. On Monday, a total of 116 people were arrested in connection with the violence that erupted from a Hindu rally in Nuh. After viral videos claimed to show presence of Monu Mansar and his team in the cow protection rally, Muslims retaliated during the rally. As a countermove, VHP and Bajrang Dal also attacked a mosque in Gurugram. To prevent the situation from escalating, curfew was imposed; however, fresh incidents of violence occurred on Tuesday evening. The Haryana government assured that the situation was under control, while VHP-Bajrang Dal staged their protest in Delhi on Wednesday.

When asked if he discussed the Nuh violence with PM Modi, the minister mentioned he had talked to the PM about various issues. However, he went to invite PM Modi for the inauguration of AIIMS in Haryana. On the issue of weapons in religious rallies, he commented, “If both sides were armed, the question arises about who provided them with these weapons. The Haryana government will investigate.”

Bajrang Dal’s Conspiracy or Oversight: Why No Consensus between CM and Deputy CM?

While Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar held a conspiracy responsible for the violence on Tuesday, Deputy Chief Minister Dushyant Chautala, who is in alliance with BJP, held the rally organizers accountable for escalating tensions. Dushyant pointed out that the rally organizers failed to provide complete information about the number of attendees, leading to tension.

Dushyant highlighted the historical significance of Mewat, now known as Nuh, stating its people have always stood strong with India and fought against the Mughals and for independence.

VHP-Bajrang Dal Rally in Delhi: No Hate Speech, Supreme Court’s Directive

Given that VHP and Bajrang Dal planned protests at various locations in Delhi on Wednesday, the matter reached the Supreme Court. The apex court denied the request to halt the rallies but directed to ensure that the law is upheld against hate speeches. Senior Advocate S.Y. Quraishi informed the court that 23 such rallies had already taken place in Delhi since morning and more were expected in sensitive areas in the evening. Additional Solicitor General ASG S.V. Raju represented the Union in the hearing.

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