Sorry Orlando City – Efforts to Halt Violence Against Lionel Messi Fail: In the 2023 season, the new superstar of Inter Miami receives a GOAL for each performance.


lionel messi

Efforts to Halt Violence Against Lionel Messi Fail

For the remaining part of the campaign, GOAL’s Ryan Tolmich will assess the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner’s performances in the United States.

Lionel Messi has settled well and made a significant impact in American football. Since officially stepping foot in Inter Miami from Paris Saint-Germain in July, the Argentine superstar has wasted no time in making his presence felt.

Messi is undoubtedly the biggest star in MLS and likely the biggest star the league has seen so far. His performances will be under everyone’s radar as he aims to elevate Miami from the lower ranks to playoff contenders and eventually, title challengers.

So, for the rest of the season, make sure not to miss any of Messi’s displays in Miami. GOAL’s author Ryan Tolmich has kept a close watch and evaluated how Messi performs in each match. His new club.

lionel messi

Orlando City defeats Inter Miami 3-1 on August 2 in the Leagues Cup.

Orlando City did what Atlanta United and Cruz Azul couldn’t: they troubled Messi a bit. Indeed, a good strategy. If you can’t defeat him, beating him might be your only hope. Unfortunately for Orlando, it didn’t really matter. Messi torched them anyway.

In the face of some rugged challenges, Messi shrugged them off and found the net twice during the triumph – once in each half. The first goal was a jaw-dropping volley, courtesy of Robert Taylor’s precision cross. The second was another expertly timed volley, this time orchestrated by Joseph Martinez’s graceful delivery. It was all Messi magic – a showcase of his sheer brilliance, resulting in another well-deserved victory for Miami. And just for a chuckle, Messi has now notched up five goals in three matches, a delightful stat that adds another layer to his GOAT status.

Orlando tried something different, slowing his pace down, but another game, another hunt for Messi, and he continued to terrify everyone on his path. Grade: A

July 25: Inter Miami 4-0 Atlanta United, Leagues Cup

Can you possibly follow up on that debut? Well, we’re talking about Messi. He did take things a step further in Round 2.

Starting in Inter Miami pink, Messi was dominant in the 4-0 win over Atlanta United. He scored the first two goals within the first 22 minutes. In this process, he turned Robert Taylor into a prime Luis Suarez, who reaped the benefits of Messi’s arrival in these initial days.

It was Messi’s finest performance. He not only scored his goals but also found the net in other ways, not just through his passing but also due to his gravity and influence on every opposing player on the pitch. Grade: A+

On the 21st of July, the scoreboard read Cruz Azul 1, Inter Miami 2, a spirited chapter etched in the saga of the Leagues Cup.

That moment arrives, the man arrives. Could Messi’s debut have ended any other way?
Inter Miami enthusiasts needed a dose of patience for Messi’s inaugural appearance, given that his name wasn’t on the starting lineup for the initial eleventh round. However, their patience was handsomely rewarded. As the clock wound down and the match remained locked, Messi rose to the occasion, gracefully bending a free-kick that sealed a triumph for Inter Miami, while also heralding the dawn of a fresh chapter in the annals of American football.

This moment will be echoed for years to come, the moment Messi truly arrived on this side of the world. It was the dream debut for Inter Miami’s dream player, a dream that started as just that – a dream. The first of many, you’d expect, but when all was said and done, it was a night that will be included in any highlight reel moving forward. Grade: A+”

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