Tilak Varma’s father discusses coach Salam’s influence on the young batter’s career.


New Delhi [India], August 8 (ANI): Tilak Varma’s father, Namboori Nagaraju, described the impact left-handed batting instructor Salam Bayash had on his son’s career.

The echoes of his boyhood goals reverberate with commitment and steadfast support in the touching story of young cricketer Tilak Varma. Tilak’s love of cricket was obvious from the start, a constant companion as he swung a plastic bat and ball even while sleeping.

Despite financial challenges, his family’s unwavering support, particularly from his diligent electrician father, catapulted him into the cricketing arena. Tilak’s career soared higher with the direction of his mentor and godfather, Coach Salam Bayash, with major milestones such as his U – 19 World Cup debut and a berth in the famed Mumbai Indians team. Tilak Varma, now at the pinnacle of his cricketing abilities, displays confidence and desire to mould matches in any situation, a young star poised to leave an everlasting impact on the cricketing world.

Tilak Varma’s emotional journey, spanning back to his formative years infused with an unfettered passion for cricket, is revealed in a candid chat exclusively with Star Sports’ Follow the Blues.

Tilak’s persistent enthusiasm for the sport was clear from his childhood, a constant companion demonstrated by his firm grasp on a cricket bat- a plastic one obtained from toy stores- which he held to even in slumber, the ball right by his side.

In an exclusive interview with Star Sports for Follow the Blues, Tilak Varma’s father Namboori Nagaraju recalled his son’s early years and how his love for cricket began at a young age.He recalled that as a boy, he used to play with his cricket bat constantly and was never without a bat in his hand. He kept the plastic bat and ball by his side even when he was sleeping after we purchased him one from a play store.

Financial limitations presented a potential obstacle to Tilak’s goals as his passion for the game grew. Tilak recalls his family’s unflinching support as he thinks back on the sacrifices his father, an electrician by trade, made to support his cricketing goals by working nonstop from dawn to night. When a bat seemed out of reach, Tilak remembers his father’s steadfast vow to supply what was required, exemplifying an unwavering sense of support.

When recalling those events, Tilak remarked, “My family support was extremely good. As an electrician, my father used to put in a lot of hours. For the sole purpose of sending me to the cricket academy, he used to work from sunrise until night.He worked extremely hard for me. I occasionally needed a bat, so I used to ask my father, and he would always say that he would get one for me.

Tilak’s career was paved by Coach Salam Bayash, a mentor who not only developed his cricketing abilities but also served as a guardian and motivator. Tilak agrees with his father in saying that Coach Salam served as a kind of godfather, providing unflagging support and even helping with necessities like meals and cricketing supplies. Coach Salam’s dedication went beyond the playing field, promising Tilak’s family that his advancement would not be hampered by his financial situation or schooling.

Salam Bayash, Tilak’s coach, was credited with helping him succeed by his father, Namboori Nagaraju.He remembered how much encouragement he received from Salam Sir, who promised to give him his lunch or his cricket gear.” He used to say that if there was ever a problem, he would be there to help, and that we needed to take Tilak to the next stage. Salam Sir used to assure us that everything would be OK and that money wouldn’t be an issue, therefore I used to advise him to not slack off in his studies. He was like a godfather to him and used to give him a lot of encouragement.

Tilak’s ascent to fame was on the horizon, heralded by his debut for Hyderabad against Andhra Pradesh in 2018 and his list-A debut the following year. His talent at the U-19 World Cup. didn’t end at the domestic level, as he was given a position in the Indian team for

As he reflected on this remarkable accomplishment, Tilak’s father, Namboori Nagaraju, expressed his pride, underlining the transforming effect of representing his nation on the international arena. The U-19 World Cup, he recalled, “was a significant turning point. His inclusion in the tournament team made him quite thrilled. In addition to being delighted for him, he immediately told Salam Sir. Regardless of what occurs, Tilak’s participation at the U-19 World Cup was a significant accomplishment for him. He displayed excellent play.

When Tilak was chosen by the legendary Mumbai Indians in 2022, it was the apex of his journey and a testimonial to his talent and commitment. Tilak Verma views his job on the cricketing arena as a match-winner in any situation thanks to an unflappable spirit.

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His remarks perfectly capture the spirit of a budding talent ready to write his own success story, one that is driven by unwavering encouragement, persistent desire, and an unflinching dedication to succeed. I am certain that I can win matches in any circumstance, he declared. That’s my primary responsibility. (ANI)

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